Real Bread made the Real Way... with love!


 Bakers of Real Bread

 You can judge, and you have the choice.

Bread is the most basic item in the traditions of British food, so basic that we don't think about it much. Yet it is a strange and wonderful thing. Made from flour worked into a dough with water and aerated by the action of a yeast to a light open structure. Then baked with just the right amount of steam to give a crisp crust full of flavour. 
Is there anything to surpass the smell of freshly baked bread? 

The fresh bread you see in Robinsons is exactly that. Baked that morning in Failsworth (OK, we do sell some bread on the second day for toasting, but that's marked at half-price and non the worse for that). If we say it's fresh-baked, that is exactly what we mean. All our bread is baked from scratch.

At Robinsons Bakery, we make a large variety of freshly made (by hand) daily. From the traditional white tin loaf and original wheatgerm Hovis to some newer loaves like corn bread and Italian softies. 

If you would like a specific bread item making, just ask and we will see what we can do! 


If you are looking to sell freshly baked bread, muffins, morning goods and/or confectionery made the real way, please call David on 07713543256 for a quote.


Manchester Markets



Back in 2011 we joined Piccadilly Street Food Market in Manchester and we have traded almost every single week since. For us it has been a great success and we've met a lot of fantastic people who we now see and serve every week. The amount of Manchester Cobs, Manchester Tarts and Pork Pies we have made and sold is amazing and we hope everyone was enjoyed. 
Unfortunately, none of us are getting any younger and the time has come for us to make the decision to leave Piccadilly Market at the end of next week to allow my Dad David to start to retire.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank massively our dedicated team Emma, Melissa, Zak and Helena for working out in all weathers and every situation Piccadilly has thrown at us. 
And a huge great big thank you to every single one of you guys who have visited us whether it be once or twice when passing or every day we have been there. Many of you we consider friends and love chatting with.

Moving forward you can visit us at our bakery in Failsworth. If you can't visit us out of the city you can grab a great selection of our bread from Ancoats General Store
Hopefully we will be coming back for the occasional market in St Ann's Square other locations around the city.

But for now we have to say bye bye. 

You can find us on the LAT SUNDAY of every month (except December - please check the date) at Ashton Farmers Market in the centre of Ashton Town. Please be early as we often sell out by 12pm!


If you have any requests for us to sell whilst in Manchester or any other queries please email us